Patty Beckman Parks Benefit Cruise

On September 11, 2011 - about 40 friends of Patty Beckmann Parks gathered to take a harbor cruise to raise money to help pay for equipment needed for Patty's husband, Tony, to continue her rehabilitative therapies at home. 
All in all, more than $15,000 was raised! 
It was a GORGEOUS afternoon, a great time was had by all (considering the circumstances) and Patty and Tony were even able to meet us to accept a symbolic check when the boat returned to dock. 
The generosity and goodwill demonstrated by the GWHS Class of 79 and others was truly amazing!  We are a very special group of people.  A few people who attended the cruise that were not part of our graduating class made comments such as, "Our class would never organize such a neat event!"

Click on the photo album link on the left to see photos from the day and THANK YOU to everyone who helped make a difference for Patty, Tony and their two children!

Below is a list of contibutors.  Those who are bulleted were able to attend the cruise.
The first three people on the list deserve special recognition for going above and beyond with their amazing generosity.
Without the kindness and generosity of EACH and EVERY person on the list, we would not have reached our goal!  THANK YOU!

Steve Burks

Steve Gardner           

Teresa Milton (Schmids)


•Bob & DiAnna Anderson

•Caroline Anderson

•Sheri Anderson (McCarthy)

•Maureen Aoys

Kevin Baker

Liz Baptista (McIlravy)

Linda Baranishyn (Ruppe)

•Richard Beckmann

•Ross  Biddle

Geza Binger

Kenni  Bishop (Shirai)

•John Borack

Larry Campa

•Denise & Al Campbell

•Cruise Captains

•Greg Caricchio           

•Denise Cooke (Ghent)

•John Crowther            

Steve Cubillas           

Lois Darbonne  (Retherford)

Mark  de la Rambelje           

Carlos De La Roca           

Tamara Deering (Cox)

•Michael DeWeese           

•Diane DeWeese           

•Camarie DeWeese           

Melissa Ellis (Briggs)

•Suzanne Fisher           

•Deborah  Flores (Love)                       

Heidy Geiger           

•Mark Glaab           

Michael Hammersly           

Tammy Heider (DePaola)

•Bruce Kirby           

•Patsy Kochis (Michinock)

•Michael Kollin           

Perrin Lim           

Doreen Liuzzi  (Burkert)

•Triana Logan (Silva)

Lisa Lohrke (Walters)

•Corinne Loskot (Riave)

Sandra  MacKinnon (Wilburn)

•Allan Martinez

•Kevin McClure

•Rob Meadows

•Danette Mora (Pawlowski)

Javad Moustaufi

Toni Natoli

Valery  Neely (Vance)

Will O'Diear

Tom Odgers

•Bob Ohlund

Gerald Oquist

Dena Osborne (Favela)

•Diana Palumbo (Whitehead)

David Panish           

•Karen Ralston (Armstrong)

Kathleen Rapshus (Kolar)

Carol Rheingruber (Winn)

Leigh Richards           

•Cyn Rivera           

Jamie Salafia-Bellomo           

Stephen Saneto           

Kim Schnuelle           

Judy Schultz (Birch)

•Dave Serrano           

Cynthia Sidles (Murga)

•Vicki Slusieciwz (Blissenbach)

•Larry Sotomayor

Jill Sterkel

Julie Sturm (Rogers)

Daniel  Tabata

Gabriel Tafoya

Lee Ann Theders (Klein)

Jodi  Vicario (Konrad)

Gerri Waldron (Wiser)

Frank Ward

William Wells

Peter Wong

Wilson  Wong


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